A well trained pet is a wonderful friend. Not only can you love and care for a well trained pet, the pet will also make you feel as if you’re the center of their universe. It’s no wonder that some people feel closer to their pet than they do to another human.

Pets are great if they are trained

There is so much to love about a pet. It teaches you to think beyond yourself. Caring for a pet is a great way to get into the habit of regularly caring for another living being. The rewards are countless. But, all pets are not well trained. Every pet doesn’t have the temperament to live with a family or in the type of house that you have.

For example, some pets do not do well in small apartments. Other pets do not adjust well to being in a house alone which could make it difficult for you and your pet while you’re at work or on vacation. If you have a confident personality, you could prevent a lot of problems that a pet could cause. If you don’t train your pet early or if you bring the wrong type of pet into your home, your pet could takeover your entire house.

How to tell if your pet is running your home

It may be the last thing that you want to admit. But, if you don’t take action now, your pet could scare your children and keep relatives and friends away. Here are some signs that your pet has taken over your home, has become the head of the household.

  • Your dog or cat urinates in your bed. If your pet urinates on your partner’s side of the bed, your pet could be signaling that they are marking that space as his territory, as a spot that he owns.
  • Your pet cat continuously rubs her fur against near everything in your house.
  • Your pet climbs to higher elevations and looks down on you. This could happen if your pet climbs to the second floor and peers through the railing to where you are sitting on the sofa a floor below.
  • Pets relieving their bowels in the house regardless of how many times you discipline them for doing so
  • Snarling pets
  • Dogs growling or snapping at you when you near their food or water bowl
  • Cats hissing at you whenever you near them (This could be a definite sign of anxiety or fear; the sooner you get a handle on this, the better. In some instances, you may have to seek the help of a professional animal trainer.)
  • Sneak attacks – A sneak attack is when an animal hides then leaps out toward you, if only to scare you.

Pets deserve love. They should add joy to your life. Young children and adults should feel comfortable while they are around your pet. Even a well trained guard dog can offer a feeling of security to people who visit your house. But, a poorly trained pet or a pet that is not a good fit for your personality could destroy your home and not just physically. A poorly trained pet could become aggressive and snarl or leap at you and your children, sending a message that he or she is in charge.

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